Campaign for Abortion Law Modernisation

Public meeting to discuss research into Abortion Law

Meeting planned for Thursday 23 March

Thursday 23 March, 7.30pm South Douglas Old Friends’ Association, Finch Road, Douglas IM1 2PX

Dr Claire Pierson and Dr Fiona Bloomer are visiting the Isle of Man later this week to discuss our current abortion law with politicians and health service professionals and to meet CALM supporters to talk about what improvements should be made.

At 7.30pm this meeting will be opened up to the public for Claire and Fiona to present their research findings. If you’d like to come along, this is where to find the meeting.



Claire and Fiona are part of the Reproductive Health Law and Policy Advisory Group which was formed in 2016 by academics based at Ulster University, Queens University Belfast and Manchester Metropolitan University to respond to the Northern Ireland judicial review decision on abortion law in cases of fatal foetal anomaly and sexual crime.

To date it has discussed legal reform with politicians in the Northern Ireland Assembly (March 2016) and held a roundtable with healthcare professionals (June 2016). Claire and Fiona are visiting the Isle of Man to firstly, examine limitations in the current abortion law in the Isle of Man and secondly, to investigate movements for legal reform.


Fiona Bloomer – lectures in Social Policy at Ulster University. Her research centres on gender issues, with a particular focus on reproductive health including: abortion policy, abortion stigma and more recently female genital mutilation.  Fiona is a founding member of the Reproductive Health Law and Policy Advisory Group, a joint initiative with Queens University, Belfast and Manchester Metropolitan University.  She is a member of RAARN, the Reproductive Activism and Abortion Rights Network, a global network of academics and activists.

Claire Pierson – is a researcher based at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research interests are focussed on the socio- politics of women’s health. She is currently working on a number of projects on abortion law and policy including a Wellcome Trust project ‘The Liverpool-Ireland Abortion Corridor’, a survey of Irish Trade Unions views on abortion and is a founding member of the Reproductive Health Law and Policy Advisory Group which is currently investigating abortion law reform in Europe.

More about The Liverpool-Ireland Abortion Corridor can be found here;





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