Abortion Reform Bill: responses to public consultation firmly pro-choice






CALM is delighted that the results of the public consultation on Dr Allinson MHK’s Abortion Reform Bill 2017 show that the Isle of Man is a pro-choice jurisdiction and that a vast majority of the 3,644 respondents (94% from the Isle of Man) believe that the current law should be replaced.

Key points:

  • 87% agree that a woman should have the choice to request an abortion up to 14 weeks
  • 84.7% agree that a woman should have the choice to request an abortion without having to report the rape
  • 81.5% think that a woman should have the choice to request an abortion if a fatal abnormality is identified, including after 24 weeks
  • 73.2% think that there could be circumstances in which an abortion should be provided after the 24th week
  • 70.2% think counselling should be best provided on-Island, funded by the NHS
  • 82.8% believe that that there are some social factors or situations when a woman should be able to choose to have an abortion
  • 1686 people provided further comments on what these social factors could be, including domestic abuse, addictions, homelessness, lack of support and low income
  • 81% think that the cost of abortion services should be provided by the NHS as part of women’s overall reproductive healthcare
  • 66.9% believe that healthcare staff should be able to opt out if they have conscientious objections
  • 85.1% think that there should be legal protection to prevent protest or demonstrations outside any facility which provides abortion advice or treatments on the Isle of Man

The full results are now on the Isle of Man Government website and you can read them here:


And there’s a helpful summary too:

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What’s next?

Dr Allinson will introduce the Abortion Reform Bill 2017 to the House of Keys later this year when it will begin its journey through Tynwald.  This may take some time, but CALM would like Members of Tynwald to consider the overwhelmingly pro-choice message of the consultation results during the debates.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation.






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