Isle of Man: Where to turn for help before Abortion Reform Act is enacted.

With just under a month until the provision of the Act are in place on 24 May, we know that some women will have unplanned or unwanted pregancies to deal with right now, and need access to abortion services.

The choice is stark – import safe but illegal pills, or travel to the UK – so here are some contact details.

For pills, we suggest

If you choose to travel to a clinic in the UK, then we suggest you contact before you book – they may be able to suggest the least expensive clinics and travel options, and may be able to help with costs.

For more general information, contact 

You can also phone BPAS (British Pregnancy Advice Service) on 03457 304030 (general info) or 0800 0776049 if you’ve taken pills bought online and have concerns/questions.

The local number for independent, unbiased counselling is 01624 642540

*CALM is not a counselling or advice service






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