Abortion Reform Bill 2018: Isle of Man Legislative Council considers clauses

Lord Bishop proposes eight amendments to Abortion Reform Bill

Tuesday 12 June sees the second reading of the Bill in the Legislative Council and the Lord Bishop has proposed EIGHT amendments – and every single one of them has already been debated – and rejected – in the House of Keys.

CALM sees this as no less than an attempt to delay the passage of the Bill and to ignore the will of the House of Keys, by an appointed, not elected, member of LegCo.

Just last week the UK Dept of Health issued their abortion statistics for 2017:  84 women giving Isle of Man addresses travelled to clinics in England or Wales for abortions – and these figures do not include those who gave UK addresses of family or friends, or anyone who bought safe, but illegal, pills online.  Also last week, the Abortion Support Network released their own figures which showed a 25% INCREASE in the number of callers from the Isle of Man, seeking advice or financial assistance to help pay for the cost of travel, accommodation and abortion services – a cost which can be over £2000.

This has got to stop – every day this Bill is delayed is a day when a real person needs abortion services which could be provided safely and legally here on the Island.

Once the Abortion Reform Bill is passed, our women will be able to have abortions safely, under the care of the IOM Health Service with no need to travel and no need to break any laws.

CALM firmly believes that by tabling these amendments now, the Lord Bishop is ignoring the fact that women will require these services and will travel to another jurisdiction or risk prosecution by buying illegal pills whether he likes it or not. We can only trust that the other MLCs will see these amendments for what they are: cynical repeats of previous, failed, attempts to restrict the scope of the Abortion Reform Bill 2018.