Use of abortion pills safe, but illegal in the Isle of Man

Online abortion pills – safe but ILLEGAL in the Isle of Man

Mara Clarke from Abortion Support Network talked recently on Sky News about research using figures from WomenOnWeb (and published in the BMJ) that shows that used properly, abortion pills bought from reputable sources online are safe to use.

This research was specific to Ireland and Northern Ireland but is also relevant to the Isle of Man, where 10 packages of pills, all from India, were stopped by the Post Office in 2016.  You can see the interview here.

There is no follow-up care

Because use of these pills is ILLEGAL many women are understandably nervous about discussing their use with health professionals, and are forced to lie about ‘unexplained’ miscarriages.

NONE of the women in this research died.

If you’d like to read the full research document, you can find it here.


CALM believes that abortion law reform in the Isle of Man is long overdue, and no women should be forced to travel for a termination and pay for it from their own pocket, or risk a criminal record by buying safe, but illegal, pills online.





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