No new Isle of Man Abortion Law yet, but help is available

CALM is confident that the Abortion Reform Bill 2018 will become law later this year, but in the meantime, where can you go for help and advice if you considering a termination?

Unless you fit the very restrictive criteria laid down in the 1995 Termination of Pregnancy (Medical Defences) Act, that choice is very limited: you can travel off Island at your own expense to pay for a private abortion, or you can break the law, and risk prosecution, by taking medication purchased online.

Your GP might give you a few leaflets but after that you’re on your own.

If you need financial help or other advice, please contact the UK charity Abortion Support Network using this link

If you’ve taken safe – but illegal – abortion pills, there is a special BPAS helpline –  0800 077 6049 – to call if you have any questions or concerns.


If you’d like to talk through your options – including continuing with your pregnancy – then there is currently a small non-directive counselling service available via the Family Planning Clinic.  Any other so-called abortion or pregnancy counselling service advertised on the Island is operated by the local anti-abortion group, LIFE IOM.

Consider supporting ASN

The Abortion Support Network is entirely funded by donations, and helps women travelling from the Isle of Man, Ireland and Northern Ireland for abortions in the UK.  This can be financial help, help with travel arrangements and clinic appointments or even accommodation or can simply offer a sympathetic, supportive ear.  ASN is a very small charity but will continue its work until abortions become safe and legal in those countries – so please consider making a donation.




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